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1861 N. Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80909  USA

About Pole Revolution

Are you ready to experience a revolution in physical fitness, confidence, self-image and energy level? Then you're ready to start your adventure in pole fitness at Pole Revolution in Colorado Springs.

We opened in January 2012. We have five poles, twelve levels of instruction, countless pole tricks and dance moves, a growing number of warm-up and dance routines, and a firsthand passion for pole. We have recently moved our studio, and it is beautiful! It's homey and safe, with lovely flooring and the same decor theme as our old studio on Union. Our brass Platinum Stages poles still switch from static to spin with the pull of a pin, and because they're a little shorter, we are now able to eliminate the weight limit.

About Our Instructors

Diane was certified in 2012, and she's so proud of our instructors! Each of them is a student of this studio and is certified through PoleMoves or PoleAndAerial.com, so they teach by the same philosophy: that no one should leave feeling like the "dunce of the class" or believing they cannot do pole. All of our instructors will help you know you are a success!

Our current instructors, in alphabetical order:
Cathy - Teaches Intro and Levels 1 - 3 and will be adding more levels soon.
Diane - Teaches Intro and Levels 1 - 9, teaches private lessons, and hosts pole parties.
Mary - Teaches our Level 9 & Up class for our most advanced students.
Savi - Very gently teaches our Prenatal Pole class, as she's an expecting mommy herself.
Stacey - Teaches Intro and Levels 1 - 6, and hosts pole parties.