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1724 Ascot Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906  USA

Enrollment Policies

We require prepayment for all classes because if you've got something invested in your time, we know you're more likely to honor ours. Our instructors want to share the joy of pole fitness with you, and we plan our day around your lesson. Thanks for understanding!

To sign up for a class, you must have completed the level below the lowest level in the class. For example, to sign up for a Level 3 & 4 class, you must have completed Level 2. To sign up for a Level 1 class, you must have taken an Intro class or participated in a pole party.

For the sake of our instructors, class reservations close 1 hour before class start time. If you are scheduled for a class but you late-cancel (less than 12 hours before class start time), you will be charged for the lesson.

Prepay Here!

Click here to go to our new MindBody scheduling and payment site when you're ready to sign up for your classes or schedule your pole party!

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Diane Martin
Owner and Certified Instructor
1724 Ascot Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Cell & text: (719) 433-6616
Email: polerevolution@yahoo.com

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