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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear for my pole lesson?
A: For the best grip on the pole, you should wear shorts that are as short and as tight as you are comfortable in. Please wear shorts even if you're not comfortable in them, because if you can't grip the pole, your lesson will be very discouraging. Wear a sleeveless top, tank top or sports bra, and if you're comfortable baring your midriff, that will help you too. Body jewelry is okay, but no rings on fingers or watches or bracelets on wrists, please, as they can scratch the poles and give you painful blisters. Make sure you don't have any lotion on your hands or legs. Bring sexy shoes if you have your heart set on it. If you let your instructor know you've brought them, she will modify the lesson so you'll get to wear them. Otherwise, we'll be barefoot.

Q: What if I'm not in shape?
A: Don't worry! Diane wasn't, either. It can take weeks to be able to do some of the beginning moves the way you want to, because your muscles have some catching up to do. You can take as many weeks as you need to pass each level, and there's no shame in that, because you're getting stronger every day. If your schedule and finances allow, you'll progress twice as quickly if you participate in two lessons each week, but you'll notice a difference even if that's not possible. You can stay in each level for as long as you need to, because our program is self-paced.

Q: When can I invert? When can I use a pole in spin mode?
A: For safety and liability reasons, we require students to pass into Level 2 before beginning to invert (go upside-down on the pole), and we require students to pass into Level 3 before putting a pole in spin mode. It takes a lot of strength to do those moves, and above all, we want you to be safe!