POLE REVOLUTIONPole Revolution Colorado Springs

Start your pole revolution today!

1724 Ascot Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906  USA


Classes are 80 minutes long.
Parties are 90 minutes long.

Introductory Group Class
$15 per student  (required for beginners)

Group Classes (After your Intro lesson)
$15 per student for 1 class
  (Check our MindBody payment page for deals!)

Private Lessons (Introductory or Continuing)
$40 for one student (just you and the instructor)

Semiprivate Lessons (Call to schedule.)
(One person must prepay for the whole group.)

$50 for you and a friend
$60 for you and two friends
$70 for you and three friends

If You Need to Bring Your Children
Children are welcome only during private lessons. Child care is not provided. Parent is responsible for supervising child at all times.

Pole Parties (max of 10 guests recommended)
$100 for the group (Call to schedule.)

Studio Rental for Private Practice
Same rates as for private and semiprivate lessons, as we must pay an instructor to be present, for liability reasons. (Call to schedule.)

Payment Options

Online, we accept all major credit cards through our MindBody scheduling and payment site. Access it from the Class Schedule tab or the Payment/Contact tab above. You must prepay and sign in 1 hour before your class. (Sorry, no more last-minute walk-ins.)

At the studio, you may purchase future classes or grip aids or teeshirts in person with cash, check, credit or debit.

Our Refund Policy: We offer refunds only in the following situations: moving out of the area; injury or serious illness that prevents pole exercise; pregnancy; unanticipated ongoing change in work schedule. If you’ve prepaid for a series of classes and you decide pole fitness is “just not your thing,” you may transfer your remaining credit balance to another student or a friend or family member. Let us know, and we'll help you with this. (But we want you to stay!)